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Cellist Edward Arron

Called “one of New York's most exciting young cellists” by the New Yorker, Ed is also Music Director of the Metropolitan Museum’s Artists in Concert Ensemble.

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What is Wired Musician?

Don't be shy

Photo © 2004 by Heather Keeping

Don't be shy. Wired Musician was founded by and for professional musicians. Join us.

Wired Musician, Inc. is a website design and hosting firm that specializes in the needs of the professional musician and ensemble.

The idea comes from composer Jeffery Cotton, who worked for over a decade in commercial software and online retail. When Jeffery left the business world in 2001, he decided to apply his skills to the design of a website management system specifically for musicians.

Jeffery felt that a professional musician's website should be visually appealing, but most importantly always up-to-date and correct. He knew this could be accomplished without the constant maintenance needed for traditional, static websites.

Wired Musician is the result of Jeffery's idea.

Our mandate is to provide professional website services to our community for a reasonable price. Our only clients are musicians, ensembles and music organizations, so we know your concerns, and what you need your website to be and do.

Do you need a website?

Which way?

Don’t know where to begin? Let us worry
about it.

Maybe you've decided it's time for your own website, but you're not sure where to begin. Wired Musician will take care of everything, from registering your domain name to designing your new website, to the actual hosting and website mastering. All you do is provide us with your information, photos and recordings. Click here for complete information on what is included in our start-up package.

Do you want to upgrade your existing website?

Bring your existing website to Wired Musician. We'll give you a top-notch redesign, and our automated content management system will make sure your site is always displaying the latest news about you, your latest review or commission, your upcoming performances, and all without constant maintenance and trying to track down your web master.

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